Town of Baldwin History

Welcome to the Town of Baldwin

The Town of Baldwin was established December 4, 1872. Before that, Town of Baldwin was a part of the Town of Springfield, since November 12, 1861. Prior to that, Town of Springfield was part of the Town of Hammond, organized September 15, 1856.

For the first 25 years of the Town of Baldwin, annual town meetings and elections were held in the Village of Baldwin. The minutes record such places as Jt. District No. 4 school house as the first meeting place. Other locations were Bosworth Hall, Concert Hall, Hirsch Hall, Court Room, Rink Building, Village Hall, Treadways Hall and Minors Hall. It was at Minors Hall at the annual meeting held April 6, 1897, that there was a motion made to raise $250 to build a town house (town hall). Previously, at an annual town meeting held April 4, 1893, a motion was made to raise $200 for a town house. This motion was turned down at that time. There were 3 amendments to the motion to raise $250 to build a town hall. First amendment was to build in the center of the town. Second amendment was to build in the Village. Third amendment was to lay motion on the table. The outcome of these amendments was that the second and third amendments were turned down and the first amendment was passed. The original motion along with the first amendment was passed and so in 1898 the town electors met at their new town hall at the site were the old town hall and garage is now located.

This town hall was the place of annual meetings and elections for 77 years. At our annual meeting held April 3, 1974, a motion was made by Paul Lokker and seconded by Isadore Harer to build a new building to shed the grader and place to hold meetings and elections. Bid was given to American Building Systems, H. Swenson, Contractor, for $21,900. This old town hall/garage is now approaching 45 years old.

In 2008, the town board moved to purchase 1&1/2 acres of land from Doug Lee for $15,000 for future use. The previous town hall had plenty of deficiencies. Having a new town hall would correct the deficiencies and provide a better environment for meetings and a place to go for family gatherings, etc.

In 2009, in August, the town board appointed a building committee: David Niccum, Ellen Hurtgen, Barbara Zimmerman, Gerald Strobush and Dennis Gunderson, for the oversight of the project. Engineering work required before construction was contracted with Auth Consulting and Associates Inc. of Hudson, WI. Eleven contractors responded with bids for a new town hall, and those bids were opened on March 11, 2010. West Central Buildings, Cadott, WI submitted the low bid of $259,495.

On April 23, 2010 a Special Town Meeting was called for the town electors to discuss and vote on the proposed bid for the town hall. Approval was given to begin construction with a vote of 52 to 12. The ground-breaking ceremony on May 3, 2010 was held in the forenoon on site. Preparing the site began the same day. After 7 months, the new town hall was complete!