Town Staff

Joe Gerhardt


Duties: Road maintenance & repairs, brush cutting, mowing, snow plowing, equipment maintenance.

Brian Zimmerman

Trash/Recycling Operator

Duties: Operation of Garbage & Recycling collection on Wednesdays, sale of additional garbage tickets

RoxAnne Gerhardt

Hall Supervisor

Duties: Hall cleaning, ordering supplies, Hall rental reservations
Contact information on Town Hall reservation form on website

Darel Hall

Animal Control/Humane Officer
Duties:  Respond to calls from Dispatch or Town of Baldwin Officials, to retrieve animals running loose in the Town of Baldwin,  followed by attempting to find and contact animal owner and return.

Randy Prochnow

Duties:  Randy Prochnow, Prochnow Assessing will assess properties/buildings for new construction and update current assessments of properties in the Town of Baldwin when required.

Todd Dolan, All Croix Inspections Corp.

Duties: Issue new commercial and residential building permits for the Town of Baldwin.
(715) 377-2152